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The January Man
(Drystone CD01- Solo album 1986)

Track 1:Cold Kestrel ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 2: Three Old Men
Track 3: Lakes Weekend........AUDIO CLIP
Track 4: The Raven and the Crow
Track 5: The Easter Tree........AUDIO CLIP
Track 6: Morning of the Year
Track 7: The Old Market Square
Track 8: The Long and Lonely Winter
Track 9: The Carpenter and the   
             Sexton........AUDIO CLIP
Track 10: The January Man........AUDIO CLIP
Track 11: A Cold Unfriendly Way
Track 12: No More Beer from Kendal
Track 13: Faraway Tom
Track 14: Concertina Consciousness
Track 15: These Dry Stone Walls
Track 16: A Most Unpleasent Way
Track 17: Sandwood down to Kyle £8

To order this album, go to the "Contact" page for details. As soon as Dave receives your order, the item/s will be sent directly to you.

The January Man Songbook
which accompanies the album gives all lyrics and music for the songs.  (See Lyrics page for picture.)

Original art work 'The January Man' table mats available. See News page for information!

Requiem for Steam & The Man Who Put The Engine In The Chip ShopNow discontinued but replaced by new extended cd - The Golden Days of Steam.  See below, or on News page for details.

(Fellside: FECD221)

   - 38 tracks of songs and sounds -

Compilation cd of Chip Shop and Requiem.  Great deal - two albums for the price of one!

Track 1:    Sound 1
Track 2:    Race To The North........AUDIO CLIP 
Track 3:    Sound2
Track 4:    Station People
Track 5:    Sound 3
Track 6:    The Settle & Carlisle.......AUDIO CLIP
Track 7:    Sound 4
Track 8:    Ais Gill
Track 9:    Sound 5
Track 10:  Snow Train
Track 11:  The Man Who Put The Engine in the
                    Chip Shop........AUDIO CLIP
Track 12:  Sound 6
Track 13:  Sound 7
Track 14:  Last Train
Track 15:  Sound 8
Track 16:  Eight Freight Blues........AUDIO CLIP
Track 17:  Sound 9
Track 18:  In the Sidings Now
Track 19:  Sound 10
Track 20:  Big Bertha
Track 21:  Sound 11
Track 22:  The Dinosaur the Railway Left Behind
Track 23:  Sound 12
Track 24:  Narrow Gauge
Track 25:  Sound 13
Track 26:  Requiem........AUDIO CLIP
Track 27:  I'd Like to be a Lengthman
Track 28:  The Money Doesn't Go Very Far
Track 29:  Turntable Song
Track 30:  Long Narrow Shovel
Track 31:  Ivor the Driver
Track 32:  Shut-down of the Pinxton Line
Track 33:  Green all the Way
Track 34:  Black Five
Track 35:  The Day We Run Away
Track 36:  Footplate Song
Track 37:  Pinwherry Dip........AUDIO CLIP
Track 38:  Father Doesn't Fancy Work At All

To order this album go to the 
"Contacts" page for details

NEW!  £15

Dave Goulder's Railway Songbook is now available. Music and lyrics of all the 'steam' songs plus many pictures and stories from Dave's time on the railways.  See News page for information.

  Stone, Steam And Starlings

Track 1:  The Clearing Place........AUDIO CLIP
Track 2:  The Carter
Track 3:  Stone On Stone........AUDIO CLIP
Track 4:  These Dry Stone Walls
Track 5:  Go From My Window
Track 6:  Proper Little Gent
Track 7:  Linden Lea
Track 8:  The Colours
Track 9:  Seven Summers........AUDIO CLIP
Track 10: Friar In The Well........AUDIO CLIP
Track 11: Sally Gardens
Track 12: Follower
Track 13: I Will Go With My Father A' Ploughing
Track 14: Forth Bridge
Track 15: Footplate Cuisine
Track 16: Boy In Winter

To order this album, go to the "Contact" page for details. As soon as Dave receives your order, the item/s will be sent directly to you.

  The Raven and The Crow(Dave and Liz 1971 Argo LP recording - Digitally remastered to CD on Vinyl Japan JASKCD164)
Track 1:The Sexton & The Carpenter ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 2: Dark North Sea
Track 3: Three Old Men ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 4: Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 5: The Raven and the Crow
Track 6: The Blacksmith
Track 7: The Old Market Square ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 8: The Friar in the Well
Track 9: A most unpleasant way, Sir
Track 10: The long and lonely winter
Track 11: Till the prawn boats come
Track 12: When they laid you in the ground
To order - for any/all products please contact us direct (see "Contact" page for details) and your order will be dealt with promptly.

  The January Man(Dave and Liz 1970 Argo LP recording - digitally remastered to CDon vinyl Japan JASKCD183)

Track 1: The Cuckoo
Track 2: Pigs Can See the Wind
Track 3: The Wind on the Door
Track 4: The January Man
Track 5: When I was a little boy ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 6: Requiem
Track 7: Queen of Hearts
Track 8: Faraway Tom ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 9: Sandwood Down to Kyle ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 10: The Calico Printer's Clerk
Track 11: Field of the Willows
Track 12: The Bedlam Maid
Track 13: In a Cold Unfriendly Way
Track 14: Black is the colour of my true love's hair ........AUDIO CLIP

See News page for brand new table mats of 'The January Man' with original art work by Lillie Morris.

  Rosehall Ceilidh Band CD
(Drystone 3)

Dave, John and Alasdair play tunes for dances - all the favourites, have your own ceilidh! Re-mastered in 2010. £5 

  A Gathering of Stones CD
(Drystone 5)

Words and music of dry stone walling

A compilation gathered over 25 years of poems, prose,songs and tunes relating to the art of dry stone walling.  Guest artists include: Frank & Jean Bechhofer, Gordon Bok, Brian Miller, Mary Goulder, The late Norman Nicholson, Pete Coe, Derek Gifford, Rosehall Ceilidh Band, Donald McNeill.

Selected tracks:

Track 3: Lay a Stane Aside a Stane ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 13: Sun on Stone ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 15: None So Steady ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 23: Humpty Dumpty ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 24: Humpty Dumpty (tune) ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 25: The Dyke at Croick ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 32: Dancers ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 33: Stone Dance ........AUDIO CLIP
Track 34: Dave the Dyker/Just for Fun/Dave the Dyker ........AUDIO CLIP

Check out the News page too...

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